Family Matters-Mystery Fruit

I have decided that I am going to document the crazy family moments my family has, because God knows there are so many. So anytime there is something titled “Family Matters” it will be about my family and some crazy story.

This week my mom went to the grocery store to get random groceries. However, she comes home with an extremely large…thing. At first I thought it was a humongous zucchini, but turns out it is some kind of fruit. She has no idea what fruit it is, just that it “looked cool”. Okaaaay Mom. So, I decide we need to crack this baby open and eat it. I peel away the now greenish-yellow outer part. May I note that the peel was rather difficult to get away. After all the peel was gone, I was left with the light pink/orange flesh. I cut into it all the way through to the other side. As the slice lands on the cutting board, there is an imprint of a star. Like someone has cut away part of the fruit to have a star on the inside. Lining the star was tons of small black beads. My mom peers over my shoulder to see what the mystery fruit looks like. She reaches out and touches one of the seeds and freaks out! Like, yelling and jumping around blowing things waaaaay out of proportion. She then proceeds to tell me that if I eat the fruit, something will lay eggs in my belly. I bite into the fruit and it tastes bland and slightly like cantaloupe, the texture slightly mushy. Surprise: nothing growing in my stomach. We ended up throwing it away because it was not very yummy. Any guesses as to what the fruit was?


L.A. Baby*

I have a problem, but don’t we all? My issue is that I always want to be in control. Lately, I’ve been better about this; in my opinion anyway. I think part of the reason is that I am a natural born leader, and as snotty as that sounds, I believe it to be the truth.  My theories behind me being so controlling are that I have to be strong. Since as long as I can remember, when something needed to be done, I took the initiative to do it. It is a blessing and a curse, really. Blessing- people look up to me, but this can also be a curse. Curse- when I’m not in a role of leadership I get frustrated. Also, I have to be strong, even when it’s hard. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and they look up to me; therefore, I must set a good example. In my group of friends I am the mature, level-headed individual. People turn to me with problems. But sometimes, I don’t want to be the strong one. Sometimes I want to cry and have people comfort me; to not always have my every move scrutinized. But this is who I am, and to some extent, who I have chosen to be. So for now I will be the leader, the comforter, the Ms.Bossy-Pants, whatever. This past week, at leadership camp, I learned that this “problem” is really a gift that just needs to be perfected. So from now on, my goal is to be more of an open leader and not so vindictive.

*At the leadership camp I went to my group and I made a board game. We had these cards entitled “Leadership Action” cards. Abbreviated L.A. cards. One of the guys in my group saw the abbreviation and started to sing the Jonas Brother song, “L.A. Baby”. This then became the title of our board game and the song was incorporated into the commercial we made for it.

When I Think About Creation 2010

12 hour car rides~broken seat belts~shaving legs in the creek~inflatable monkeys~bird shaped hobo dinners~bare feet~candlelight~Sharpie tattoos~campfire~forks~decorated van windows~flying magnets~sunglasses~”That time I almost died”~Delaney’s neighbor~Hulk hands~”Rain, rain, rain, on my face, on my face, fill me up, fill me up, till I drown”~monkey purple~ninja~kettle corn~British accents~fried Oreos~white boy~cold showers~chair-bag leggings~10 people porta-potty~Chattanooga rocks your face off~Is It Holy?~cupcakes & babies~cold nights~thousands of people~lost little girl~sillybands~square dancing~sunscreen~I got yo’ back~starfish~black boogers~being kidnapped~burger ninja~yellow rope~glowing blue wise man~tarp run~ the Lookout~sleepy Devin~blondie~Frisbee chop chop~hitch nut~poop on the wall~Caution tape~dirt tans~boys serenading~key in the dren~marshmallows~Comassion~PA neighbors~bandannas~sun tanning~flavored bubbles~four large ice bags~swollen feet~mohawks~late night talks~sign language~cow potties~”!” tent~free college stuff~What!?

A few weeks ago I went with my youth group to Creation Festival. Basically it is like Woodstock for Christians. It was a pretty amazing experience. The previous list are a bunch of things that I think of when reflecting back to the week of June 29-July 4. Some of them are self explanatory while others are inside jokes that only certain people will understand. Basically my week at Creation in a quick look was as follows:

The excitement actually bagain on June 28 when everyone who was going arrived at Sarah Spencer’s (my youth leader) house to pack everything into the trailer and have a sleepover. Everyone from my church was already pretty accustomed to eachother. The only catch would be that some kids from Sarah’s old youth group were coming along too… all the way from South Carolina. We all hoped it wouldn’t be awkward with 3 strangers going to Pennsylvania with us. The night of the sleepover before we left did not include very much bonding. However, we got to know each other a tad better on the 12 hour car ride.  I am glad to say that after the week, I know that I had a bond with each of the three newbies. It was sad to have to depart from them at the end of the week.

Not only did the Net youth become close to the SC clan, but we also grew attached to our neighbors who were camped right beside us. They were from Pennsylvania and were fascinated that our group came all the way from Tennessee. They were also slightly disappointed none of us had strong southern accents. I was asked to count to ten on more than one occasion along with many other questions about if life in TN was any different than PA. They were expecting us to be country hicks; little to their knowledge, we were actually normal teenagers. Every night we would join their camp around their campfire and talk the night away…literally. On average I got to bed around 2:30 am. However, it was so worth it to make new friends.

So, making new friends was nice and all, but I can’t forget to add one major detail: the growth I did as a Christian. It was pretty cool actually. I wasn’t expecting to grow much because it was just going to be bands, right? Well, the bands were nice and all, especially the worship bands which were my personal favorite. However, just the feeling of being around so many other followers of Christ spoke to me. With being at school and having the media always pressuring everything, Christians seem seldom amongst others. But worshiping with thousands of other believers was amazing. To add on, a lot of the speakers were awesome. I know they spoke to me, and I can imagine they also spoke to quite a few other people. All in all, it was more than I expected.

Summary: Creation 2010 was pretty amazing.